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Welcome to the Macclesfield Community History website, managed by the Macclesfield History Group. We are part of the Macclesfield Community Association.

The history of the town dates back to 1840. At present we are categorising and preserving, both physically and digitally, our many collected items. We will display much of this historical collection by exhibitions and this website, but perhaps in the future we can branch out into a museum room and provide genealogy research resources.

Where are we?

Macclesfield is a small town situated in the Adelaide Hills about 50km southeast of Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia.

The following forms part of the foreward to a local historian's book in Channelkirk, Scotland:

Every Border village has one or more local historians who collect the tools and tales of bygone times from their own area. Some write these down in notebooks which often get thrown away; some take their collected knowledge to the grave and only fragments are remembered for a short time. A few take the time to write them down and get them published in book form so that their knowledge and experiences can be passed on to future generations.

Betty White, with her friends, has collected historical information about Macclesfield for almost sixty years. In addition to being closely involved with the publishing of two Macclesfield books, with others she has researched and presented historical articles for many of the 900 issues of the Macclesfield Newsletter.

We hope to make these, and much of the rest of the collection, available to local people and others interested in the town's history.

What's New

Genealogy from the early Macclesfield area UPDATED June 28th 2017. We are a long way from getting our database online and searchable, but in the meantime the raw data has been placed on this page. A process for finding your surnames or other keywaords has been given at the top of the page. You can also use the "Search Website" button a the top right of each page. We hope it is useful.

Strathalbyn: Some information about Strathalbyn's central park area and part of the town that could be called "Old Strathalbyn". A succinct history of the early years of Strathalbyn, which is relevant to Macclesfield's history, is also included.

Tobacco: Not something one normally associates with our area, but in the early days some local farmers experimented with growing tobacco. Learn about it here.

THE REPORT about the book launch "At Work - Macclesfield Cheese Factory, 1937-1975" that took place on Saturday, May 27th at the Macclesfield Institute Hall.

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LAUNCH of our own Lesley Schack's "At Work - Macclesfield Cheese Factory, 1937-1975" . Based on the 2013 oral history project of the factory, the book will be launched at the Macclesfield Institute Hall on Saturday 27th May, 2017, from 2-5 pm. For more information go to our Events page.

A Settler's Experiences in the Tiers: not Macclesfield. A colonist of 1838 has left us with an account of his trip to and experiences on a 'selection' 20 miles to the east of Adelaide. Updated with images.

Paris Creek: Read a short history of the mail run, the hall and the schools. Have also added the "BARTLETT Family History, by Norman BARTLETT" here.

Sculptors @ Crystal Lake 2017: INVITATION. Will be held 1-9 April 2017, from 10am to 4pm at Crystal Lake Park, Devereaux Street, Macclesfield. Eight sculptors will be working over 9 days to create sculptures from up to 4 tonnes of marble and granite.

Once Upon a Time: See Lesley's report of this successful event.

Genealogy from the early Macclesfield area. We are a long way from getting our database online and searchable, but in the meantime the raw data has been placed on this page. A process for finding your surnames has been given at the top of the page. We hope it is useful.

Macclesfield Hotel: Publicans, some images and a mystery!

History Mysteries: Perhaps you can solve a History Mystery involving our Macclesfield past? The next concerns the Macclesfield Hotel. When and why was the chimney removed?

Strawberry Fete: The 89th Macclesfield Strawberry Fete will be held on Sunday November 27th on Davenport Square, Macclesfield. Our history group will be displaying an HistorySA Exhibition "Once Upon a Time", with locals' images growing up in Macclesfield.

National Library Pandora Archive: Our website has been selected for preservation on the Australian National Library Web Archive, Pandora. This means a copy of the entire website will be archived approximately yearly on a national database, for posterity. See here.

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"Channelkirk Talks, a social history of the Oxton area", by Henry Borthwick, June 2010, printed by Kelso Graphics LLP. Foreward by Walter Elliott. ISBN: 978-0-9565899-0-3




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